Cake My Day competition with Leeds Roller Dolls

roller-dolls-e1391778437215At February’s IronCupcake, The Leeds Roller Dolls are giving away two tickets to their very own cupcake competition – and two tickets to one of their matches!  But who are the Leeds Roller Dolls, and what is Cake My Day all about?  Here’s Heather from the Dolls to explain…

“Roller derby is a full contact roller skating sport which combines skill, strength and strategy, all on roller skates.  The Leeds Roller Dolls was formed in 2007 and we have two competitive teams, the Rebel Roses (A team) and the Whip-Its (B team).  We’ve travelled around Europe to compete in bouts and Rebel Roses are currently ranked in the Top 15 European teams!”

So what do cupcakes have to do with roller derby?

“We’re holding our third Cake My Day cupcake competition for to fundraise for Leeds Roller Dolls on Saturday 1st March, 12.30pm at the Heart Centre, Headingley.  We’ve raised over £800 so far from Cake My Days to pay for tournament entry fees, governing body fees and other costs like replacing hire kit, or even ice packs for the first aid bag!  Cake My Day is a lively, fun and family-friendly event, and most important of all, there’s CAKE!! “

And you’re open to bakers and eaters?

“Yes, bakers need to register by emailing and you’ll need to bring 5 cupcakes for competition entry (plus an additional 7 if you wish to enter the ‘most sold’ category.)  Baker tickets cost £2 and Judges tickets cost £3 on the day, including a complimentary cup of tea!  But one lucky IronCupcake winner will receive a Baker and Eater ticket for free, plus two bout tickets!’

What happens at a Leeds Roller Dolls match or ’bout’?

“Bouts are fast-moving, high impact games played on a flat, oval track.  Even if you don’t have a firm grasp on the rules, the aggressive contact and the skill level of the teams is enough to keep you entertained!  You can sit right by the side of the track if you’re over 18, and it’s incredibly fun to watch!”

Sounds fantastic! How can I find out more?

“You can visit the Leeds Roller Dolls website to read all about our bouts, or visit the Cake My Day Facebook page if cupcakes are more your thing!”


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