What’s this Bakers Panel all about then?

Bakers PanelThe Bakers Panel is a brand new type of ticket for IronCupcake:Leeds.  You get to enter the competition as a Baker AND Eater for only £3 more than a regular ticket!  We asked two IronCupcake regulars (and previous winners) Jennifer and Lisa about what it’s like to be on the Bakers Panel.

Hi Jennifer – why did you choose the Bakers Panel ticket?

“Although I really love baking for the competition I felt like I wanted to have a go at the judging too. Having entered numerous cupcakes in the past, I think I have gained some appreciation of what makes a good cupcake and I wanted to draw on that experience. I was really happy when the Bakers Panel ticket got introduced as it provided an opportunity to both bake and judge.”

What did you enjoy about being on the Bakers Panel?

“It is a great way to get new baking ideas from other entries, all the different flavours, inventive decorations and novel interpretations of a theme. Plus getting to eat lots of delicious cakes!”

Would you do it again?

“Yes definitely- I have already bought my Bakers Panel ticket for the next competition.”

Hi Lisa – why did you choose the Bakers Panel ticket? 

“I thought it would be interesting to try the other bakers cupcakes and also to be able to influence the voting, I usually try them at the end but I’m very picky!!”

What did you enjoy about being on the Bakers Panel? 

“It was interesting to find that all three of us had COMPLETELY different tastes, although this did of course make it rather difficult!!  I enjoyed trying them and trying to work out how they had been constructed, knowing the time and effort I put in to my cupcakes I like to work out how others have made theirs.”

Would you do it again? 

“I would consider it but not on a chocolate theme – I felt ill until about midday on Monday!!  It was good fun but I’m very judgmental when it comes to cakes and had to hold my tongue a little!!”


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