What bloggers say about IronCupcake:Leeds

Over the last four competitions, we’ve had no less than six lovely Leeds bloggers visit IronCupcake and write about us!  Here’s a sneaky little extract from them all.

Lola from Leeds Love Affair

“IronCupcake:Leeds has something of a cult-like status on social media and to win one of its titles is a true reflection of cupcake perfection. The competition itself is great fun to attend, as we can solemnly testify. And the best part? They welcome those that just want to stuff their faces full of cake, as well as the talented bakers themselves.”

Maria from Leeds City Blog

“Cupcakes seemed to have appeared out of nowhere a few years ago, and since then they have taken over the world. Who doesn’t like a cupcake? They are just the right size for a treat, delicious and beautifully decorated! So the idea to bring talented bakers and people with hunger for those sweet delights together makes perfect sense.”

Clare from A Wee Bit of Cake

“When Charlotte mentioned that the theme was Death By Chocolate I jumped at the chance to take part. As you all know I have a mild obsession with salted caramel so I decided to enter my chocolate salted caramel cupcakes (recipe to follow later this week).

All in all it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening and if you are hesitating about entering just do it! I got some great ideas from the other entrees and I am so glad I went along. Even though I didn’t win anything a few people came up to me and commented on my cupcakes so that in itself was a wonderful thing.”

Jessie from Mad Hatter’s Pantry

“This weekend I tried something new. I visited IronCupcake: Leeds for the first time and I’m so very glad I did! I will definitely be going back!

I had my fingers crossed for theme (if anything!) as I was happy that my villains cakes fit the theme well. But I didn’t win taste. I didn’t win decoration. I didn’t win theme or Baker’s Choice. “Oh well, I tried. I’ll just have to try harder next time.”

But then came the announcement for best in show – Jessie’s (“it’ll be the other Jess that’s here”) Ursula’s Tentacles (“wait, what? You mean I have to get up in front of all these people?!”). So chuffed!

Wendy from Leeds Playlist

“Now don’t be put off if you can’t/won’t bake as the event is open to all whether you want to enter the competition as a baker, or rock up and just judge the entrants hard work on the day. Easy right? NO! I happily scoffed my way through 9 tasting quarters of cupcakes, but rating them against each other proved quite difficult. Luckily Charlotte who runs the event has broken the scoring down into categories for taste, appearance, theme, baker’s panel choice and overall best in show which helped immensely. The winners get prizes too.”

Kate from Cakes and Bakes by Kate

“I first found out about Iron Cupcake:Leeds around a year ago, but I wasn’t brave enough to enter! Charlotte’s invite was the perfect opportunity to go along and see what Iron Cupcake: Leeds was all about – I couldn’t wait to go!

The entries were all fantastic with a huge array of flavours! We really enjoyed tasting all of the cupcakes!”

Kay from Cheery Little Thing

“This month’s competition saw 9 entries of cupcakes interpreting the music theme, some via flavour, others by decoration; some symbolising band names, others imbuing song names. There were great correlations between song names and flavours and the occasional tenuous link; not one cupcake was alike in taste, appearance or texture.”


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