Prizes for October’s competition!

We have some fabulous prizes at our October cupcake competition ‘Death by Chocolate!’  The date is Sunday 13th October, 6pm at the Adelphi pub – be there or be without cake!

Sunshine Bakery Chapel Allerton

£20 voucher for the Sunshine Bakery – Chapel Allerton

The delightful Sunshine Bakery in Chapel Allerton offers a mouthwatering selection of all things sweet, including a fantastic range of cupcakes.  But it doesn’t stop there as the proper food is fantastic (and the steak sandwiches are to die for!)

Cupcake nanaimo bars from Fayre by Alley

Canadian-born Fayre by Alley is taking Yorkshire by storm with her nanaimo bars – delicious layered Canadian treats pronounced ‘nuh-nay-moh’.  Alley will be making some cupcake-inspired nanaimo bars especially for our IronCupcake prize!

Lovemarzipan’s ‘Marzigram in a Mug’

Our old favorites Lovemarzipan are back with their beautifully decorated marzipan sweets, but this time with a twist!  The lucky winner will receive their marzipan all jumbled up in a mug, which will spell out a secret message marzigram… all will be revealed on the night!

Giant cupcake mould

You haven’t known fun until you’ve baked a giant cupcake.  They’re so easy to make but taste amazing.  What about a giant pumpkin cupcake or even a spooky haunted house for Halloween?  Let your imagination run wild!


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