Our prizes for September revealed!

We’re one week away from our September competition ‘Cupcakes inspired by music’ and boy are we excited about this one!  Here’s what the Bakers can win (our prize for the Eaters is getting to taste a LOT of cake!)

£20 gift voucher Arts Cafe Bar & Restaurant

Tucked away on Call Lane, this little gem of a restaurant offers fantastic food in a relaxed atmosphere, complemented by artwork from regional artists on the walls.  You really will be spoilt for choice at the menu – check it out here!

MoustacheHamper of treats from the Cupcake Cafe

Win a selection of edible delights from the bespoke bakery Cupcake Cafe, including moustache biscuits – who could resist?  Jess from the Cupcake Cafe will be bringing a range of goodies for you to taste.  Visit the Cupcake Cafe Facebook page.

GBBO’s ‘How to avoid a soggy bottom’ book

Everyone’s talking about the new series of the Great British Bake Off, and this book will tell you ‘How to avoid a soggy bottom and other secrets to achieving a good bake’.  Make Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry proud!

Heart, butterfly and leaf plunge cutters

When it comes to decorating a show-stopping cake, nothing seems so useful as icing cutters!  Each set of cutters has three different sizes for a professional finish.

IronCupcake:Leeds spatula and whisk

Our Bakers Panel winner for September will win the IronCupcake spatula and whisk from our logo, along with free entry to a competition.  You can buy tickets to be a Baker, Eater or Bakers Panel member here


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