What the Eaters liked about August’s cupcakes

We had 12 wonderful cupcake entries to our Disney competition in August – but what did the Eaters like about yours?  Read their comments below!

Amanda’s Cupcakes of the Caribbean

Amanda's Cupcakes of the Caribbean Rum and raisin cupcakes with rum buttercream and dark chocolate

Presentation is amazing

Delicate rum flavour

Classic flavour combination really worked

Jessica’s Cinderella’s pumpkin spice cupcakes

Beautifully decorated

Liked the use of four smaller pumpkins

Exceedingly moist with good cinnamon taste

Donna’s Cinderella Cupcakes

Use of lemon in the middle is pleasantly refreshing

Tastes the best

Very pretty piping with tangy icing

Kerrie’s Painting the “Rose Cupcakes” Red

Hint of rose was subtle but delicious

Frosting is well done

Liked the white chocolate

Jessie’s Ursula’s Tentacles Devil’s Food Cupcakes

Not overly sweet which is great

Presentation is very imaginative and tentacles were awesome

Really nice ganache as a complement to the fluffy bun

Lisa’s Poison Apple

Amazing flavours of apple

Apple chunks were nice contrast to icing

Loved the apple inside

Kathryn’s Poison Apple

Decoration fab


Very apple-y

Naomi’s Aladdin’s Spiced Cupcakes

Very good

Unusual taste, yum!

I like the genie, good icing

Kate’s Princess Cupcakes

Nice filling

Very sweet but delightful

Like the lollypop addition

Jennifer’s Pumpkin to Carriage Cupcakes

Really soft and fluffy

Nice and soft

Original flavour idea

Emma’s Pooh’s Hunny Pot Cakes

Tastes really good and fab biscuits

Moist and good ginger flavour

Honeycomb on cake is the best!

Natasha’s Brave Cupcakes

Good sharp lemon flavour


Loved the decoration!


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