Say hello to more prizes at IronCupcake!

More prizes at IronCupcakeAfter all the eating and judging and more eating at IronCupcake on Sunday, we announced a brand new scoring system for the competition, with more prizes and more opportunity to win!

Previous judging

The previous scoring system asks Eaters to score cupcakes out of 10 for taste, and out of 5 for appearance. Judges mark their top three cakes,and  the winner is the entry with the highest score.  If there’s a draw, the winner is the cupcake that received more ‘full marks’, 15/15 scores.

New judging

Eaters will now be nominating one different cupcake entry in three categories: Taste, Appearance and Theme.  The cupcake entry with the most nominations across all three categories will win Best in Show.  Each category of Taste, Appearance and Theme will then have individual winners.

The voting cards will have a score out of 5 for Taste, Appearance and Theme for each cupcake entry.  These scores will be used if there’s a draw in one of the categories.  On the voting cards, we’ll be asking Eaters to write what they liked about each cupcake they tasted.

Why change the judging?

In a nutshell, the new nominations system will give more Bakers a chance to win more prizes and get some positive feedback on their cupcakes!  And for Eaters, it will make the competition more interesting to judge.

More chance to win

Judging a cupcake is very subjective, as everyone likes different things.  A particular dislike towards a flavour could mean that the Eater would score a cupcake very low on the old system, where taste was two thirds of the overall score.  But if the cupcake was beautifully decorated or had a fantastic idea, it can now be nominated for Appearance or Theme instead.

More prizes

We will have individual prizes for the winners of Taste, Appearance and Theme, as well the prize for Best in Show.  The prizes will change from month to month, but in general the Best in Show prize will be worth around £20, and the other three prizes at around £10.  Best of all, everyone will come away with the new look IronCupcake tote bag!

Positive feedback

By asking Eaters to write down what they liked about each cupcake, we’ll be able to give all the Bakers some positive feedback about their cakes – not just the winners!  We’ll also reveal the entries that were runners up in each category, so you can find where your strengths lie.

More fun for Eaters

As we’re now asking the Eaters to judge on three main criteria, it will take a lot more thinking as to who you’d like to nominate.  All our Eaters have one thing in common – they love cake – but we want to stretch their abilities in the judging and make it more of a challenge!

Bakers Panel

We now have a brand new type of ticket – the Bakers Panel, £8.  This allows Bakers to enter their cupcakes and use their baking insight to judge other entries on criteria such as complexity of the recipe or time taken during decoration.  In the interests of fairness, you won’t be able to judge your own cupcake!  The winner of the Bakers Panel will receive free entry to next month’s competition, and a special prize to be revealed in August!


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