Lovemarzipan needs YOU at IronCupcake:Leeds

Wedding FavoursLovemarzipan, makers of personalised, hand-made marzipan confectionery, are looking for feedback on their brand new collection of wedding favours, and they need your help!

At the Great British Summer competition on Sunday 14th July, Nicky from Lovemarzipan will be asking for your views on the choice of colours and designs of the new marzipan wedding favours, launching later this month.  You don’t have to be getting married to take part and you don’t even have to like marzipan – just go by visual appearance!

And it’s not just cupcakes you’ll be tasting on Sunday – Nicky will be bringing tasters of Lovemarzipan’s flavoured marzipan for you to try, including chocolate, cinnamon and ginger!  Flavoured marzipan is unique to Lovemarzipan and has been known to convert even the most staunch marzipan haters (I will never understand marzipan haters!)

I’ll admit to being a massive fan of Lovemarzipan, having received a few lovely gifts myself, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the new collection on Sunday.


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